Vacuum belt dewatering machine channel fabric obstructing investigation

The previous vacuum belt dewatering machine is increasingly more broadly utilized in China, the vacuum belt dewatering machine is a significant hardware for auxiliary dewatering of gypsum, the nature of the channel fabric decides the impact of the channel machine dewatering, the assistance life of the channel not entirely set in stone by the kind of channel machine, execution, utilization of working conditions, the temperature of the treated material and numerous different variables. Nonetheless, during the time spent utilizing channel fabric, blockage frequently happens, which abbreviates the help life of the channel material and furthermore genuinely influences the separating impact. So what are the reasons for channel fabric blockage? How to address? Dive deeper into it with me today!

1 channel fabric quality and weave, interface process and different elements to decide

1, the nature of the channel not entirely set in stone by its material, readiness process, interface process and numerous different variables.

A, polyester material: this material is the best decision in acidic conditions, high temperature opposition (PH esteem 1 – – – 9 with temperature under 150 degrees), solid rigidity longitudinal and flat steadiness, great wear obstruction.

B, polypropylene: corrosive and salt opposition is somewhat great, (ph esteem 1 – – – 13) use temperature under 90 degrees, yet the rigidity isn’t high. Most unfamiliar channel fabric makers don’t pick this material. As the slurry emerging from the retention tower for the most part has a ph esteem between 4-7 and the temperature of the gypsum is between 70-80 degrees. Czechstel channel fabric utilizes 100 percent polyester yarn with high temperature obstruction and great salt protection filter cloth supplier from weave the channel material for vent gas desulphurisation.

2、Weaving cycle.

The benefits of this weaving strategy are that the surface is smooth, the back is harsh and the size of the front and back openings are unique. The surface opening is huge, the back opening is little, so it is not difficult to block solids, simple to deplete, the surface is smooth to make the outer layer of the solids to reject more effective.

Many channel fabric producers of polyester yarn contains polypropylene, not 100 percent polyester material, channel fabric by the retention tower gypsum slurry temperature, PH esteem, the channel fabric is inclined to twisting, tearing circumstance.

3, interface process.

Channel fabric in the lap, establishment and utilization of the interaction, a few human factors likewise straightforwardly or by implication influence the assistance life of the channel material.

2 channel machine have framework fixing causes

  1. Have flushing framework.

Since the channel material flushing water utilized is the cycle water, for the most part won’t be impeded. Also the channel cake flushing water is for the most part utilized in the method of cycle water + channel material flushing water return water + vacuum siphon circling water return water (utilizing water ring vacuum siphon), chiefly vacuum siphon flowing water + channel fabric flushing water return water, process water is just every so often enhanced. The gypsum content in the channel material flush water return water is moderately high, so it is not difficult to cause stopping up of the channel cake wash water spouts. The tension of the spout of the host flushing framework is by and large more prominent than 3 kg, when it is not exactly this worth, the flushing impact for the channel fabric can’t be accomplished, and on the off chance that the flushing isn’t perfect for quite a while, there will be gypsum siltation on the outer layer of the channel material, and the channel fabric surface will likewise be obstructed.

2, scrubber and channel material surface separating is excessively enormous, there is a ton of gypsum sediment on the outer layer of the channel fabric, coming about in hard to spotless, long time is additionally simple to scale on the outer layer of the channel material, the rate isn’t the peculiarity of surface blockage.

3、Sealing of the host.

Assuming the water content of the optional dewatering gypsum is more noteworthy than 10%, the fixing of the host ought to likewise be thought of, helpless fixing will prompt a decrease in the vacuum of the entire framework, and the water content of the gypsum channel cake subsequent to dewatering is clearly high, influencing the sifting impact. The fundamental purposes behind this issue are.

A, the vacuum chamber docking place degumming, the vacuum chamber is by and large made of polymer, this material development and deformity is extremely impressive, on the off chance that not fixed on schedule or fixed gravely, then, at that point, it might cause the vacuum chamber degumming, when the present circumstance happens, solely after hanging tight for stopping, put down the vacuum chamber to top off the paste and fix each part of the vacuum chamber.

B. Spillage at the lower vacuum chamber spine association. This normally brings about a whistling sound. To take care of this issue you really want to pause and lower the vacuum chamber, actually look at the gaskets and supplant them in the event that they are broken; on the off chance that they are not, just fix the spine bolts at the hole.

C. For spilling mains, essentially fix the bolts at the break, in the event that the gasket is defective, supplant the gasket in the wake of halting.

To forestall vacuum releases, a vacuum test should be completed after the framework has been introduced and before the channel fabric is introduced. This will contain the issue prior to driving and keep away from the problem of driving thereafter.

Moreover, there are different variables that influence belt machine blockages and we should be explicit with regards to the issue.