Spherical Roller Bearing

Round roller bearings are intended to oblige hefty spiral burdens, just as weighty hub loads in the two ways.

Round roller bearings have two columns of rollers, a typical sphered external ring raceway and two inward ring raceways slanted at a point to the bearing hub. The Center mark of the circle in the external ring raceway is at the bearing hub. Consequently, the bearings are self-adjusting and inhumane toward misalignment of the shaft comparative with the lodging, which can be caused.

Principle factors which impact Spherical roller china split spherical roller bearing bearings execution incorporate, yet are not restricted to:

Crude material

Warmth treatment

Even rollers

Roller resiliences

Extraordinary roller profile

Metal pens

C&H Spherical roller bearings are completely made of best crude material in China.

A lot of inventories guarantee the briefest lead time.


1) rings and roller are produced using vacuum degassing steel

2) super-completing balanced roller

3) Cage produced using the best metal, nylon and sheet steel

4) Optimized and Latest plan – decreasing grinding expanding life

5) State of workmanship innovation and delivering gear – ensure high precision

6) Wide application in cruel outrageous conditions and accuracy required solid, sturdiness and elite

C&H can offer the accompanying variations:

Single Row type – 202 series (subtleties accessible on demand)

Twofold Row type – 213, 222, 223, 230, 231, 232, 239, 240, 241 Series

Huge item range from 25mm ID to 1800mm ID

With C2, CN, C3 and C4 spiral leeway

With tube shaped and tightened bore

Squeezed steel or single piece and split sort machined metal enclosure

With oil notch and oil opening (W33) plan

Standard accuracy grade P0 and higher exactness grade P6.

Broadened inward ring Spherical Roller Bearings

Note: Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings are likewise accessible for uncommon applications.

Confine Type

CA – machined metal confine single piece

MB – machined metal confine two pieces

CC – squeezed steel confine CC sort

E – squeezed steel confine E type


Wide application in cruel outrageous conditions and accuracy required solid, sturdiness and elite, for example,

Mechanical Fans and Blowers Industry

Lifts and Escalators

Paper and Pulp and Corrugated items

Mining, Aggregate and Concrete

Oil fields

Woodlands and Woods

Metal Process (steel and aluminum moving factories, manufacturing, stepping … )

Stuff Box and Reducers


Force age

Rock pulverizing