Reflective Long Lifespan

Thermoplastic Polyolefin White/altered Color Exposed Heat Reflective Long Lifespan TPO Waterproofing Membrane Sheet Roll China Factory Free Sample

TPO waterproof membrane is a waterproof sheet, comprising of thermoplastic polyolefin compound sap materials as the base stock, additionally built up with fiber backing materials, and fabricated by cutting edge expulsion machining innovation.


  1. Simple establishment and dimensional strength: Able to be wieldable under wide scope of temperature and experience less dimensional change in warm treatment
  2. High rigidity and prolongation in this manner can oblige developments of substrates
  3. Great adaptability under low temperature, great versatility to surrounding temperature contrast
  4. Secure enemy of cut and great establishing obstruction, reflective Membrane manufacturers no contamination caused to climate when being welded and acceptable waterproofing decision for plant rooftops.
  5. Great pliancy: Convenient and quick treatment of point by point portions of corners and edges
  6. 3 meters width lessens the joints and helps saving materials or work cost.


Broadly applied on different sorts of waterproofing projects:

  1. Trams and passages
  2. Tops of sports complex
  3. Green rooftops
  4. Uncovered rooftops
  5. Steel rooftops
  6. Squander land filling yards

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