How to match men’s high top sneakers with clothes

How should men’s high boots match pants?

  1. The overall matching of men’s boots focuses on simplicity, naturalness and calmness. Fashionable men’s boots include low-top fashion men’s boots, mid-top fashion men’s boots, and high-top fashion men’s boots. Flat boots are elegant and comfortable for easy matching.
  2. Pants that can be matched with men’s boots. If the boots are to be exposed, it is obviously necessary to match pants with small feet. If you don’t show the overall boots, slim straight-leg pants or jeans can be matched.
  3. Men’s boots are paired with small-footed pants. The pencil pants that are very popular this year are those with small feet that will be very fashionable. If your legs are not fat, you can wear tight pants. If you have larger legs, you can loosen the straps of the boots, so maybe that’s it.
  4. When pairing men’s boots with jeans, don’t wear loose jeans. Try to choose slim-fitting pants. In short, the trouser legs should be particularly thin. Jeans are the most conservative, safest and most versatile.
  5. Men’s boots are matched with suit pants. They must not be too formal. It is better to choose a casual style. Especially tuck the trousers in woolen socks, and the socks should be exposed outside the boots. This is the most powerful way to wear men’s boots.
  6. Men’s boots can be matched with camouflage trousers. Roll up the trouser tube to expose the boot mouth, which can express your own trend.
  7. Boots of different colors and styles have different matching effects. Men’s boots include comfortable suede leather trendy shoes, fashionable and casual leather boots, business short boots and formal shoes, trendy autumn and winter high-top leather men’s boots and so on.

How do men’s sports shoes look good?

Although men can choose to wear a lot of shoes, hiking boots, Oxford boots, brogue boots, derby boots, Chelsea short boots…but there are many friends who love sports shoes, and even only wear sports shoes on all occasions. , A shoe to the end. In fact, this is not impossible, but you need to pay attention to the details to look awkward.
First of all, we are not talking about specific sports occasions. After all, for specific sports occasions, it is good to wear specific sports shoes, and the function is the main function. It’s everyday wear. Now that we talked about how to wear sneakers that are not silky, let’s first take a look at how to wear sneakers is very silky.

  1. How to wear low sneakers
    In fact, I wants more counterexamples, but she is afraid of harming everyone’s eyes and spirits, so she won’t do more. Let’s summarize first, what are the main reasons for wearing sneakers that are too silky? There is only one reason: the trousers are too wide and too long. Although, wear sneakers, casual and casual. But being casual does not mean being casual. Friends, it’s time to check your length, oh no, it’s time to check the length of your trousers. A pile of trousers accumulates on the upper, and even more expensive shoes will be ugly.
    Now that we have read the counterexample, let’s talk about how to match men’s sports shoes to look good? Look at the demonstration of the male god:
  2. How to wear male god sports shoes
    After all, there are a lot of handsome ones, but the handsome ones are almost the same, so I won’t have more pictures. Let’s summarize first, what are the characteristics of handsome clothes.
    Trousers: The trousers are of moderate length, and the trousers are slim. Jeans, chinos, corduroy trousers, plaid trousers, shorts can be perfectly matched with sneakers. Just try to be self-cultivation, and the trousers should be about 2 cm away from the upper. If the trousers are too long, they can be rolled up, anyway, don’t droop. Small partners who have no obvious advantages in height must not challenge the low-waisted harem pants, which will make themselves look shorter.
    Socks: The length of the socks is reasonable and the colors are coordinated. When wearing shorts, and then wear sneakers, the length of the socks is particularly important. Try to choose socks that are no longer than the ankle, such as sports socks, boat socks, etc. It is obviously impossible to wear shorts in winter, so you can wear socks at will. After all, socks will be hidden in the trousers. Mainly solid color or classic check pattern.
  3. Avoid sports shoes
    Now that I roughly know how to match men’s sports shoes to look good, then the question is, what kind of sports shoes should I choose for daily wear, so that it can be handsome and versatile?
    First of all, let’s talk about what kind of shoes do not choose. Basketball shoes, tennis shoes, five-finger shoes, these are functional sports shoes, are worn on special occasions, try to avoid daily wear. After all, they are shoes with specific functions. Basketball shoes are designed to protect the ankles and ankles from intense collisions, so they look exaggerated and difficult to match with casual clothing. In order to ensure flexibility and speed during exercise, tennis shoes use air cushions and lightweight foam soles to ensure that the shoes are light enough. The five-finger shoes have flexibility and excellent grip, and are prepared for rock climbers. These shoes have extremely obvious application scenarios, so they have made a relatively large sacrifice in terms of function and beauty. It is not suitable for daily wear and will be difficult to match, so in addition to specific sports, avoid it at other times. Men’s shoes matching skill 1: Flat-heeled boat shoes are all-match casual wear.
    Leisure boat shoes are between formal shoes and sports shoes. No matter what kind of casual wear, boat shoes can be easily matched, especially brown boat shoes, which can be a good match when paired with casual wear. Effect. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the collocation of trousers and boat shoes. Don’t choose too narrow trousers, so that the socks are not exposed, otherwise it will be ugly.
    Men’s shoes matching skills 2: pencil pants with thin-soled shoes, casual pants with thick-soled casual shoes.
    It’s hard to imagine wearing a pair of pencil pants or narrow-leg pants, paired with a pair of heavy sneakers will give people a funny feeling, don’t. On the contrary, how uncoordinated it would be to pair casual pants with formal dress shoes or patent leather dress shoes.
    Men’s shoes matching skills 3: Points to note when pairing jeans with sports shoes.
    Generally speaking, jeans paired with sports shoes is still less and less trend, it can be said that it is a bit outdated. However, outdated does not mean that you can’t match it, but you must pay attention to the style of jeans when matching. Generally speaking, big straight shoes are the best, while small straight ones can be matched with thick-soled sneakers, and narrow-leg pants should not be matched with sports. Shoes out. When pairing sneakers with jeans, choose a lighter color for jeans, such as classic light blue and classic denim blue, which look more sporty.
    Men’s shoe matching has unique rules. Men can boldly try according to certain rules, but don’t get involved in some obvious wrong suggestions! Men are the same as women, as long as you are serious about clothing, you can gain others. Acknowledge your dress!

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