My Thoughts On Art

My Thoughts on Art and how our life is impacted by it, good or bad.
The responsibility and respect to Art is shown through the artist’s creation.
We, as the audience, don’t have to like it just because someone said it’s Art.

Art is to be judged for the respect the creation has shown for previously artists
that have come before. As I have said many time, a lot of so called artist are not
artist, they are sick people looking for other sick people to admire their shit. We
now live in a world were shock is vogue. Well, the gallery that opened for an artist
that threw shit on a canvas, framed it and called it art, really just has shit of the
wall. Where I come from, that’s not called Art, it’s called shit.

Learn about Art, learn about it’s history, the respect and how we got to where we are now.
It will enhance your life!