As I mentioned in a previous post, I have found a new passion several months ago. I LOVE penny auctions and the excitement of bidding. My introduction came through my television. DealDash advertises all over my cable channels so with a inquisitive thought, I tried them first, I actually didn’t know there were others at that time.

I signed up and bought my bid pack. Being new, I just watch the auctions and reviewed the How it Works page, trying to control my excitement through the total confusion I was experiencing. I didn’t even bid in an auction for a couple days (I would suggest this to anyone, wait and watch), After while I finally felt like I understood everything I needed to, so I began to analyse the different auctions to select the ones I wanted to bid on. You know, after further research for an inviting auction for me, I determined that everything on DealDash requires more bids than I purchased to win. I used all my bids conservatively and won nothing. Very disappointed.

After a couple of days of this disappointed feeling, I decided to research penny auctions and see if there was other sites. Its crazy what you can find when you search Google and YouTube, it seems DealDash is not well liked, in fact many articles about how they scam people. This makes me scratch my head in confusion because there are sop many people on the site as well as photos of winners. Well either way, I wasn’t happy with my DealDash experience. I did however find four other penny auction websites, Beezid, Quibids, HappyBidDay and BidKnight, that I figured I would try each one and see if they were all like DealDash.

Beezid seems to be out of business or at least there are no active auctions, so I moved on to Quibids. Quibids was much easier than Deal Dash, I won a $15 Walmart gift card which was SWEETTTT, but after my first win, it became much harder to be close to winning another one. Received the gift card about three weeks later in the mail, seemed a little long but was nice surprise as I had forgotten about it. Much different experience with HappyBidDay, won two auctions and NEVER received my wins. They were my favorite for a moment but would never ever go back.  Which brings me to the last penny auction site I tried and the one I totally found my passion with. BidKnight is my penny auction site of choice, my passion, my favorite. Their not a flashes as a few of the others but I have better opportunities to win, much better product auctions offered, and their customer support is incredible. I emailed them a question about a feature called Bid Spins, got a reply back with in minutes. Mentioning the Bid Spinner feature, it is pretty nice. When you buy a bid pack, you get a free Bid Spin which give you a change to win additional bids. I am on just about everyday and win almost everyday which I love since I’m college student, the gift cards come in very handy when I’m low on cash. I personally recommend BidKnight to all of my friends!  Oh yeah, one other thing, when you sign up, they don’t force you to buy a bid pack like all the others, they give you bids for free to try it our first. I actually won my first auction using the free bids!