I am 28 years old woman from the great state of TEXAS! I grew up in San Antonio and love Contemporary Art. In March, very year as I can remember, there would be this art festival which my family would attend buying various creations from the local artists. I instantly fell in love with the event and the art. Now that I am in Michigan trying to complete my MFA (Masters of Fine Art) degree (Michigan University) I don’t get to attend the festival. I was lucky enough to find this domain some years back (which I think CAM owned at one point) and kept it. Now I can blog about my passions, C.A.M., Texas, art, kittens, bidding at penny auctions (which I love) and anything else I think about. I don’t expect anyone to read this but if they do, then hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I have creating it. I will add more about myself later as it matter but right now it doesn’t.

PS. One other thing, as much as I love contemporary art, some of the stuff by Contemporary Artist SUCKS!!!! I think these so called artist are not talented and do this because they are either off their rocker or they have the need for attention. IF your going to be an artist, make it original, creative and DESIRED. An Art Gallery with shit on the walls is not ART, it’s SHIT!

NOTE to ARTISTS: Create ART but with respect to yourself and to others! Gold Plated Shit is still shit even if you want to argue its art.