I am 28 years old woman from¬†great state of TEXAS! I grew up in San Antonio and love Contemporary Art. In March, very year as I can remember, there would be this art festival which my family would attend buying creations from the local artists. I instantly fell in love with the event and the art. Now that I am in Michigan trying to complete my MFA (Masters of Fine Art) degree (Michigan University) I don’t get to attend the festival. I was lucky enough to find this domain some years back (which I think CAM owned at one point) and kept it. Now I can blog about my passions, C.A.M., Texas, art, kittens, bidding at penny auctions (which I love) and anything else I think about. I don’t expect anyone to read this but if they do, then hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I have creating it. I will add more about myself later as it matter but right now it doesn’t